By Jace Brittain and Jayme RussellSwiss-Army-Man-Featured.jpg

Swiss Army Man

Oh my god. Oh my god. Can’t believe. This exists. Is this a zombie hallucination? A decomposition at play? This is honesty. This is friendship. With popcorn.

John Wick

Fun effects. Splatter right on the lens. Car slam into the body. Hard fall. Black holes, red pools. BANG blood on the floor.

Escape from New York
—  “fuck yr president”

— this jump scare jump cut blast of noise which isn’t the seemingly cued GUNSHOT which killed Jack Kennedy but rather the roar of the engine a dead Jack Kennedy in Jackie’s lap blood everywhere in that convertible Lincoln roaring more and more in my memory not down a ghostly Dallas freeway but deep into the cursed woods



Robots take it personally. Steel eyes scanning for body heat. Hydrochloride acid to the skin won’t stop this. Quick pace. No pulse just a pixelated gaze.

Vagabond (Agnes Varda) / Fire Walk With Me

—  watch a woman alone, watch men again and again get only a little bit of fleeting screaming joy from attempting to destroy each woman they meet

The Fury

A slow burning rage. The touch of death. Thoughts of death. Exploding like Cronenberg.


Escape from New York

Snake slides through the street shadows in the island prison hold. This is the music of the future. The music to cross bridges. Face blasts. Bombs.

Swiss Army Man

—  sundancey people walked out of this movie because of low humor and simple grotesquery, I just read PRISON PIT and am amazed by what can be disgusting and alluring and so much more memorable than most movies I would call sundancey

The Dreamed Path
are you tired are you KO are you more or less tethered to the innocuous wedge which widened the distance between us and twenty odd years

Mountains May Depart
imagine what nothing thing someone last looked at before they did what they most regret and who even remembers besides them when they see it next



Smoke curls around perfect lips. Smoke rises from the bed. Jackie pulls off her pantyhose, blood dried to her skin.

shattered glass and suicide girls western civilization is suicide girls please restock our suicide girls before anything feels different again


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