www dot what to enjoy on the net 7.14.17

When our readers, contributors, and editors are enthusiastic about something they’ve created or something totally new from someone else they’ve discovered in the far reaches, we’ll often share it in cozy blast emails or social networks. To widen this network of lines that enlace, we’ll post a collection here as often as one accrues.

Johannes Goransson’s fragmented text on kitschy poetry as pornography.

Adam Membrey on the experience of watching “Baby Driver” as a deaf viewer

New short fiction by Alethea Tusher

Phil Spotswood reviews Owen Vince’s chapbook The Adrift of Samus Aran at Cartridge Lit

Chapbooks at Dancing Girl Press and Studio, including Jayme Russell’s chapbook Pinkification

The Halophyte Collective’s Issue Zero

Wonder Center: Mojave Desert Arts retreat and workshops

New book Brief Interviews with the Romantic Past by Kathryn Nuerenberger

Joyelle McSweeney discusses chapbooks which “trouble received ideas around what the terms ‘contemporary’ and ‘Latin America’ might represent.”

HelloTalk a language learning app to talk with others around the world, who can help correct translations.

Paul Cunningham reviews Laura Theobald’s What My Hair Says About You



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