Lyric Fugue

I’m reading David Lynch’s How to Catch the Big Fish again. I picked it up off of my bookshelf because I am finishing the newest Twin Peaks series and thinking about how unseen energy emanates from holes.

IMG_5190 I’ve read this book many times. It’s simple and digestible. It’s much more inspiring than any other artist’s statement I have read. If I want to get weird, I think of the whole book as extended lyric essay. It’s filled with plain language and sudden metaphor.

“…I went into meditation, and somewhere about 10 minutes then—Ssssst!— There it was. Like a string of pearls, the ideas came.”

As always, my favorite part of the book is when he brings up the term “psychogenic fugue.” This fugue state happens to people when they experience or commit an act that the mind is overcome by. It’s too traumatizing to handle, so the mind goes into a state of denial. However, no one can run away forever.


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