A Violent/Sense: The Space With/in Verse

by Jayme Russell

A convergence with From Sense Violence

author Helena Boberg and translator Johannes Göransson

Chapbook from Garden-Door Press


nature violated


I mörkvioletta



öppnats upp

med kniv


in dark-violet

velvet bells

have been opened up

with a knife

a physical prying open

a cellular mutation

between body and nature

there is no between

toxic blur

Den bestrålade


som sedan

våcker hennes ansikte


under den



The irradiated


which later

wakes her face


beneath the



a breaking open

(Det enda jag t ånker år att jag vill utu r min egen kropp)

(The only thing I’m thinking is that I want out of my own body)

a breaking out

Att få flyta bort i en hisande, svartnande, outsåglig dröm

To get to float away in a breathtaking, blackening, unspeakable dream

there is a fluctuation a hover through the thickening smell of the dark garden

like moonlight on water

a living death my hands become strangely white and useless


seeing with no light

Månen syr fast ditt ansikte vid mörkret

The moon sews your face to the darkness

a holding on

a stitch holding

situated in

interstitial tears

: a multicolored eye that cannot see anything

: ett flerfårgat öga som ingenting kan se

a cut-through heart

Påminnande om en genomskuren hj ärna 

dissolving composure

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